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Keyboard Skills

All children and young people benefit from having good keyboarding skills, as typing is such an integral part of many jobs and further education courses.  For those with additional support needs, it is even more vital as many supportive software packages can be accessed much more easily and with less frustration if keyboarding skills are strong.

How can we support children and young people to have good keyboarding skills?

The anwer to this is, like so much in life, is regular practice.  Children and young people should get as many opportunities as possible to practise keyboarding skills at school and should be encouraged to do so at home, too.  Below are some resources that can be used to support this process.

Doorway Online

Text Type 2

This site has a conventional touch typing tutor – Text Type 2 (pictured above), and also a tutor for those who can only type with one hand – the Single Handed Touch Typing Tutor.  For more information visit the Doorway Online site.

BBC Dance Mat Typing

BBC Dance Mat Typing

BBC Dance Mat Typing is aimed at primary-age learners, but if the child-friendly graphics can be ignored, it is a useful tool to teach anyone to touch-type.

More Touch Typing websites

These websites also have games to support keyboarding skills:

I hope you find these sites useful – please leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of them, and if you know of any more good resources to support keyboarding skills.


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