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iOS App Profile – Claro MagX

Claro MagX

This is the best visual magnifier app that I have found.  It is published by a reputable company, and has some nice features.

You can magnify an image up to 16 times without losing much definition, and can use a variety of coloured overlays.  You cannot choose the exact shade of your overlay, which is a shame, but nevertheless it may be of use to some dyslexic learners as well as visually impaired learners, who are the main target audience.

This short video gives you a quick tour of the app:

At the time of writing, this app was free to download.  For more information, visit the publisher’s website.


Teacher at the Keycomm Resource Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. Love my wee family, my cats, my friends. Passionate about inclusive education, nice red wine and travelling.

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