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Online Spelling Resource: Spellzone

There are great on-line learning resources on Edinburgh Libraries Your Library website. One that’s relevant to support for learning is Spellzone – an on-line course in English spelling. Free to use, it can be accessed 24/7 on computer, mobile phone or tablet.


Spellzone teaches English spelling rules, followed by extensive word lists and practice with interactive tests and games. It can be used in school or from home to reinforce learning. Teachers can create class groups, allocate and manage pupils work, create word lists and searches. All test results are stored on-line so teachers can monitor progress at any time.

Use Spellzone with pupils over 10 years old (with a reading age of 9 years and above). It’s perfect for those needing help firming up the basics and also EAL learners or dyslexic learners. The course is written by an experienced dyslexia teacher and follows the principles of multi-sensory teaching: using sound, sight and movement (writing or typing) to teach spellings and to fix them in the mind.

Contact to get set up with a teacher’s account, get help registering classes or for any other queries. Find out more about using Spellzone at school at the Your Library Teachers Zone


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