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IntoWords App Trial in the City of Edinburgh

IntoWordsI am delighted to tell you that the City of Edinburgh will be running a trial of the iOS app “IntoWords” from now until June 2015.

IntoWords is a text-to-speech app, with lots of supportive features such as:

  • It reads back at the letter/sound, word and sentence level
  • Predictive text
  • The ability to change the rate of the voice
  • Cut and paste into/from any other app

However, the real thing that sets the app apart is that you can take a photograph of any text and the app will read it to the child or young person.  This means that any worksheet, textbook or wall poster can be read out pretty much instantly.  I’m sure you can just imagine how much independence and confidence that would foster in our pupils who find reading a challenge!

Four primary and three secondary schools in the city will be involved in the trial, but a free 30-day trial is open to anyone, so please do consider downloading it from the app store and letting me know how you get on.  MV Nordic, the Scandinavian company that produce the app, are keen to receive lots of feedback so that they can continue to improve it.

Please visit the IntoWords website where you can find out more about the app and watch a video about it.


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