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Into Film

Into FilmSome of you may already be aware of Into Film – a film education charity that works across the UK.  They provide loads of great resources, and will also set up a Film Club for free in your school – all you need to do is sign up by visiting or emailing


They have a growing amount of resources specifically linked to the Curriculum for Excellence here, and readers of this blog would probably also be interested in their SEN Inclusion Project.

The project started in September 2013 and is officially running until July this year. However, they would welcome any clubs who work with students that have additional support needs to use resources they have available and feedback to them about their thoughts.  This is what they have to say about the project:

The Paul Hamlyn SEN Inclusion Project aims to research the type of film material that most engages students with severe learning disabilities, students on the autistic spectrum and those who have ADHD so that we can help to give more programming support to SEN clubs in the future.  We are asking clubs to watch a selection of films we have put together and feed back about them.  We are also researching the type of post screening activities which are most effective for different cohorts of children and therefore for each film on the list, there is an accompanying resource which has discussion points and activities which are differentiated from sensory, rhythm, movement to storyboarding and complex work.  There are enough activities for club leaders to choose the right activities for their group. The selection of films has been specially curated by our films team with help of a SEN specialist, you can see the link to the list by clicking on the link below.  Once you are logged into the website, you can click on the link and scroll through the pages to see the films and order them:

The resource to accompany each film and these can be downloaded using this link:

We have a project summary attached where teachers can look through the entire list of films within the summary, for each film we have given some notes which dictate why we have chosen them.  If after watching films, teachers would be happy to feedback about member reaction and the activities, that would be fantastic.

I think this is a great resource – 39 films available when I looked, all with accompanying lesson ideas.  I’d encourage schools to sign up!


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2 thoughts on “Into Film

  1. This looks really interesting, Susan. I’ll inform my schools.
    I have a package for you which I collected from St.Peter’s.
    Regards, Margaret

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