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Modern Chalkboard

Modern Chalkboard

Modern Chalkboard is a resource that I have seen used in quite a few schools, so apologies if this isn’t new to you!  However, I think when you work with something all the time it’s easy to forget that others may be unfamiliar with it and might find it useful – in other words, always state the obvious, just in case.  How’s that for a Monday morning ramble?

Anyway, on to Modern Chalkboard.  This is a website dedicated to making interactive lessons for SMART boards.  The resources they have created only work with the SMART software, so if your school has Promethean boards I’m afraid they won’t work, unless you use the SMART software – get in touch if you are unsure about this.

The lessons are targeted at primary classes, but could be used in Support for Learning groups at secondary level.  The majority of the resources are for maths, but there are lessons for grammar, science and social studies too.

I think the lessons look great and are of a high quality.  They are, however, American – so not all spelling/content will be as we teach it, so make sure you review the lesson first to see it meets your needs.

One last thing – this website is made by the same people that make SuperTeacherWorksheets, which you may also want to take a look at.


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