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iOS App Profile: Popplet

PoppletPopplet is my favourite mind-mapping app.  There are plenty of others out there, and I’d encourage you to also check out, for a start, Idea Sketch, Inspiration Maps and iMindMap – you may well prefer another option.  So, why is it my favourite?


  1. It’s inexpensive.  You can download a “lite” trial version for nothing, and the full-price app is £2.99 at the time of writing.
  2. It has an incredibly simple interface.  If you are working with a dyslexic pupil, wordy menus or complicated instructions can make what is supposed to be a supportive tool very frustrating to use!
  3. You can add text, photos/images or draw a picture.  If you have Siri, voice recognition can be used, and/or you can paste text in from another app.
  4. You can export as a PDF or as a JPEG – so the finished product can be sent to a teacher to be marked electronically.

My only small objection is that you cannot change the background colour of a cell, or the font style/colour – perhaps in a future update!  Also, as I mention above, Popplet is a simple interface, so if your pupils are ready for a more complex tool, perhaps try looking at some of the other apps I have suggested.

Do you have a favourite mind-mapping app?  Let me know!


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