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Type and Test

I am often asked about resources to support typing skills, and indeed have previously published a whole blog post on this topic.  Being able to type well is an incredibly useful skill for any young person to have, but particularly for those who are likely to be relying heavily on a computer to assist their writing and/or sitting digital exams.


A couple of people have asked me about a resource called Type& Test, as they had seen it advertised in various places.  This is a web-based resource with two courses – one for younger pupils and one for teachers or older pupils. The skills practised are the same on both courses, but the first one has child-friendly animations etc.  There is a cost to this resource, that changes depending on how many pupils you wish to enrol.  There may be some scope for schools to get a discount if we can enrol all interested schools as a group, so I am looking for people to try out the resource and see if they would be interested.  Click here to try a “sample lesson”.

I have tried out the resource and in my opinion, it is not bad, but not so good that it is worth paying for when compared to BBC Dance Mat or Doorway Online.  Here are my pros and cons:


  • Extensive set of lessons, with extension activities for each skill
  • The younger pupils’ resource has been “gamified” to an extent and is quite fun
  • You can track and monitor pupils’ progress – something that the aforementioned free resources do not offer.  The company will also set up all the profiles for your pupils for you, so you do not need to worry about that.


  • Some of the “games” could be a little stressful for slow typers – animals chasing you etc.
  • No ability to change the colour of the background etc as in Doorway Online, so less accessible for some pupils.

Please do try the sample lesson, and get in touch if you think you’d be interested in this resource for your school, or would like to know more.



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2 thoughts on “Type and Test

  1. Thanks, Susan.
    I have forwarded this to all the schools in my neighbourhood.
    Regards, Margaret

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