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iOS App Profile: Collins Big Cat

Many of you will be aware of the fabulous Collins Big Cat range of reading books, but did you know that they also have associated free apps?

The Collins Big Cat Apps

There are eight apps available, covering several reading levels.  They work essentially just like the books that share their title, with a few lovely extras:

  • the beautiful drawings come to life when tapped
  • you can hear high-quality narration of the text, or
  • you can record your own voice!

Ideal for a learner to practise reading, make a dual-language book, or just engage with a story!  Did I mention that they’re free?  No wonder they’ve won awards.

As always, please do let me know what you think of these apps if/when you try them!


Teacher at the Keycomm Resource Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. Love my wee family, my cats, my friends. Passionate about inclusive education, nice red wine and travelling.

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