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How accessible are your school computers?

CALL Scotland are carrying out a survey of the accessibility of computers in Scottish schools.  I have already responded from Edinburgh, but they are looking for as many responses as possible.

I think – in fact, I know – that we’re doing pretty well on this front thanks to the build on our school computers that was agreed upon by the Digital Learning Team and BT.  However, what I don’t know is how many of you know what you have access to, if that makes sense.  CALL have said that they will kindly share the Edinburgh results with me, so I’ll know what I have to work on publicising!

Please help by completing the survey at

The motivation behind this survey has been provided by CALL as below:

On 31 October the Scottish Government published Guidance on “Planning improvements for disabled pupils’ access to education” which “describes the requirements the Act places on education authorities and schools to work to improve the education of disabled learners and to help ensure that they are properly included in, and able to benefit fully from, their school education.”

The Guidance contains two appendices that refer specifically to measures that local authorities should take to improve the accessibility of school ICT and computers. It covers things like installing the Scottish computer voices; having text-to-speech software available; providing access to control panels so that students with disabilities can make adjustments to enable access; etc. The document is available here:

Now that the guidance is published, it is helpful to get a snapshot of how accessible school computers are across the country, and what might need to be done to improve the accessibility of ICT used in schools.

Thanks folks!


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