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SMART kapp® board available to trial!

Hello everyone,

This morning I flexed my spacial awareness brain muscles as I figured out how to get a brand-spanking new SMART kapp® board into my Ford Fiesta.  Thankfully, I managed it without breaking it, so I’m now able to tell you all about it.

The SMART kapp board in action

The SMART kapp® board is an exciting new piece of kit that allows you to capture handwritten notes and send them to mobile devices, tablets, laptops or desktop computers in real-time.  Learners can then save these notes as PDFs or images for perusal later.

The board does not need to be attached to a computer to work and we have also purchased a special trolley so it could be shared between departments.

I can see this technology being very useful for learners who cannot copy down notes, perhaps because of a physical or visual impairment.  Unfortunately, this technology does not offer the facility to turn the handwritten text into typed text so that text-to-speech can be used.  However, OCR technology is improving all the time and I am hopeful that soon there will be an app that allows us to do this reliably (it is pretty good for picking up real-time writing already).

I will be demonstrating this piece of kit at the Secondary Support for Learners Business Meeting on 6th October, but I’d like to invite interested teachers to come and try it out beforehand if they wish to do so – please contact me if you’d like to have a go!  After 6th October, I’ll be looking for a secondary school (or schools) to try out the board for a period of time and give me their feedback.

For more information on this exciting product please visit


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