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A fond farewell and an introduction

It is with a mixture of excitement and sadness that I’m writing this post.  Yes, you’ve guessed it – I’m moving on to pastures new (for a while, at least).

I have accepted a post as an Acting ASL Service Leader and will therefore be stepping down as ICT ASL Development Officer and from my role at Keycomm.  However, this post is only currently for a year so I may well be back!  I’ll also still keep up to speed with all things ICT and may write the occasional blog post if I find something interesting.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is twofold – the first being to thank all of you for your encouragement, enthusiasm and fantastic ideas while I’ve been in post – I feel very privileged to have seen so much good practice and worked with so many committed, capable professionals.

The second is to welcome my replacement, Rob Hammersley.  Some of you will know Rob and will already be aware of how conscientious, enthusiastic and tech-savvy he is.  I know he will do a brilliant job and I’m sure he’d love to see some words of welcome on the blog if you’d like to leave a comment!

So – farewell.  May your computers never crash and your iPad screens never crack; may your software install smoothly and your passwords never be forgotten.  I’ll miss you.  Thank you.  Goodbye.


Teacher at the Keycomm Resource Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. Love my wee family, my cats, my friends. Passionate about inclusive education, nice red wine and travelling.

4 thoughts on “A fond farewell and an introduction

  1. Hi Susan,

    I’m very sorry to see you leave your ICT post but a big thank you for your time, support and advice and of course the Blog!

    Good luck in your new venture.

    Best wishes,

    St. Mary’s Leith

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