Helping your child become bilingual

“Helping Your Child Become Bilingual” is a leaflet filled with useful information and the answers to some frequently-asked questions about how to support your child to learn English and also maintain and develop their home language.

Download “Helping Your Child Become Bilingual”

Click on a language to download the leaflet: ArabicBengaliChineseEnglishFarsiFrenchGerman, Greek,  JapaneseKoreanLatvianMalayPolishPortuguesePunjabiRussianSpanishThaiTurkishUrdu

For schools and establishments, best practice is to provide the leaflet in English and the home language.

Printing instructions

Please note if you wish to print one of the above PDF leaflets, then you must click on properties when you open the print dialogue box and choose the option “2 sided print, flip on short edge” from the drop down box in the paper output tab, then click ok. You can now go ahead and print. If you do not choose this option when printing, then your leaflet pages will not print in the correct sequence.